I was privileged to be part of a training programme on “Discipleship and Mentoring” and a definition of “transformational mentoring” was given. For me, that is an accurate definition of your person.

You are a living example of someone who always takes the initiative to join someone’s life journey and become one of God’s instruments to help that person become all that God wants her or him to become and to do all that He wants them to do.

You are one of the most exciting Bible teachers of our time. Your method of delivering Bible lessons is simple and unambiguous.

Your personal walk with God is simple and transparent, your display of faith is exemplary. You are very principled and uncompromising in character, belief, family life and ministry.

Your stance on Christ-centred leadership is equal to none. You are a man who honours posterity over prosperity. You possess an irrevocable commitment to the pursuit of the purpose of God for your life.

Thank you, Pastor, for your great influence on my life and that of my husband.

We love you sir.

Pastor Kate Emmanuel

For The Godswill Emmanuels

Editorial Team

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