Who would have thought?

That you were such a global leader, when we first met in 1978?

All I felt then, was a deep sense of gratitude to God for giving me a great friend.

A Great Friend Indeed

You have been more than a friend to me. You have been my brother, my encouragement, my model, my mentor, and most of all, my Pastor.

Sixty Years!

Just like yesterday. How time flies; from SAS to Unical, to Medical school, to Housemanship, etc… , to Ministry.

Who would have thought you will be such a hero to all of us at 60.


As I watch you, I see your trust in the grace of the Lord. Almost as if the great things you are accomplishing on a daily basis are easy to do.

You have built an army of effective leaders, and they are leading in all walks of life, and across the globe, in places you may never reach physically.

Thank you Pastor!

Thank you for accepting the call.

Thank you for choosing me as a friend.

Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for expressing such great leadership through the little things you say and do.

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being consistent in following Christ.

Thank you for your life of obedience.

Thank you for being a perfect model for all of us.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Congratulations at 60!!!


Enim Utiaruk

Editorial Team

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  1. Pastor, I still remember your counsel to Ini and I as we sat in your office on a Saturday afternoon in December 2007. “Don’t spiritualize your marriage”, you said. It was a strange counsel coming from a suitors Pastor, I thought.

    I later adapted that counsel into our love cliche, as we say to each other now, “I love you, spirit, soul and body”.

    Thank you, Pastor for fathering us.

  2. Happy 60th birthday, Pastor!

    From, Zarah (Uzy and Victor’s sister, as she loves to say),
    Dawn (Joy’s sister and friend),
    Sarah and Ini (as I’ve always signed cards to you long before we got married)

    We are still one of your first 100 men. You can always count on us. We love you and always will

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