My name is Johnmark Anih. Regional Manager, South South Emzor Pharmaceutical Company.

I tuned up the confidence and courage to speak with no xenophobicity, Truly God has blessed Pastor Slyvanus Ukafia with the ability of bravety, the audacity to build capacity in this diversity. He is a man of substance and has been a blessing to me and my family.

My first encounter with Pastor was on August 2010. I was working in a pharmaceutical company, the company couldn’t pay salaries for months and it was a hard time for me. I was seriously trusting God for a job, I started coming to Akwa ibom in 2009 I finally relocated to Uyo 2010.

I was staying with a friend I met on the field while working. He happened to be a member of Insight Bible Church he works with Emzor Pharmaceutical Company.

Coincidentally, he was also looking for a job, one day he got a call from his friend to send his CV. After some time he was invited for an interview.

One day he asked me to accompany him to see Dr. Ukafia, I did. When we met pastor he told pastor that he has been invited for an interview. And that he is believing God for the job. I was sitting down inside the church while he was talking with pastor.

Pastor asked him to kneel down while he pray and as he was about to pray, he lifted up his head, and said to me “you told me you were looking for a job? “Yes pastor’ I replied. He said , ok come kneel with Dola. And he said, “Go! take his (Dola) job, while he moves to a new company. And that was the end of the prayer. Simple and short!!!

Two weeks later the company I was working with, folded up and asked us to return all company property with us. I traveled to kaduna my head office, I was in kaduna when I got a call from Emzor Pharmaceutical Company, Lagos to come for an interview. I told pastor and he replied ” I thought you have started working there already” he said I should go and get my employment letter.

I spent two weeks in lagos, we were 11 for the interview and I was the only one taken. The other person was a security man. I started working in Emzor Pharmaceutical Company 4th October 2010.

Today am the Regional Manager, South South. Emzor Pharmaceutical Company. This is what happens when you have a Father with a Catalytic Anointing in the house. I give God all the glory.

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