In these days when integrity is a rare trait among most people, my pastor Dr Sylvanus Ukafia is an embodiment of integrity. An honest man, full of humility and simplicity. A renowned man of God, yet he has chosen to remain very simple and approachable.

Pastor, I have learnt so much from you through your teachings and by observing you. Your life is an entire epistle capable of moulding a destiny. I would have done ministry the wrong way thinking it was right if I didn’t meet you. Meeting you changed my perspective and working under you enhanced my understanding. You taught me how to be the pastor everyone would respect, you taught me accountability, you taught me how to do ministry yet not at the detriment of family. You modelled for me the importance of family in ministry.

I will forever be grateful to God for having a pastor and father like you. You are such an amazing and caring father.

On this 18th day of April 2020, I pray that God will continually uphold and strengthen you. May He cause your path to shine brighter and brighter. He will supernaturally increase and enlarge you on every side. And with long life He will satisfy you, Amen.


Thank you Daddy for being a blessing to my generation and to my household.

We love you Dad.

Editorial Team

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