On 20th December 1998, walking into that building that housed Insight Bible Church at 177 Aka Road, it never occurred to me what was ahead of me in years to come. I honestly didn’t know what the service would look like but I expected to have a good fellowship with God. At the end of the Service all I knew was I came home and said, “I am staying”. Pastor Ukafia, you were your usual self as I have come to understand. The word of God you taught was simple, powerful and pure. I was actually looking for a place to worship and serve God after returning from the National Youth Service Corps the previous day. I couldn’t have asked for a better place than what I found.

I have grown from a single, young, unemployed man to one who not only found a job but has reached the highest promotional level on that job. I am not only married but I also have a very happy family. I have not only stayed in church all these past years but have been actively involved in pastoral work. The word of faith I drink from you my Pastor, Dr. Sylvanus Ukafia has helped me in every way.

I have seen you bring leadership to the Church in the City. You have been a role model and a seasoned preacher of God’s word. That you do this unassumingly is a great lesson of humility everyone should emulate. Your belief in people even when they don’t measure up to what is required is amazing.

I am glad I met you at the time I did. There are more things to learn and more wisdom to take from you. I am glad you have a wife in the person of Pastor Erikan Ukafia as God’s gift of help in this noble work you are doing.

I’m glad too on behalf of my family and Insight Bible Church Anua, to wish you a happy 60th birthday. May God reward your labour of love to the saints all over the world and cause you to experience great grace this season and beyond.

Pst Otobong and Kate Akpabio

Editorial Team

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