One of the things that thrilled me as a newly discharged corp member many years ago was Dr. Ukafia’s  interest in giving a soft landing to thousands of corp members who served in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. He made the state comfortable for corp members especially the NCCF family where he is a patron.

Fast forward a little, I joined Insight Bible Church eventually by divine guidance. Now I could listen to his teachings directly, I could be mentored by him in close proximity.

A couple of years later, this Pastor of pastors saw a pastor in me when I didn’t believe I was one. I sometimes feel Dr. Ukafia believes in me and a host of others more than we believe in ourselves.

One of his great strengths is his ability to connect persons to persons to fulfill destiny. Dr. Ukafia has been used by God to create golden platforms for me and my family.

Simple, humble, transparent, humorous, sincere and a man of Integrity.

He taught me to value people. He taught me to eliminate assumptions in my line of duty. Pastor taught me that no sacrifice is too much for the people Jesus died for.

It feels good to identify with him and mention his name anywhere because of the true legacy he has built standing for what is right.

Such a great privilege meeting with a pastor in the true sense of the word in the person of Dr. Ukafia.

My family wishes our pastor, mentor and father a happy 60th birthday celebration. Long life and more impact.

Pastor Adedayo Oladimeji

Editorial Team

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