Still very new in Akwa Ibom state, a friend of mine invited me to Insight Bible Church. That morning, the word was preached by Pastor. I fell in love with the church and decided to make it my place of worship.

Barely  two weeks after, on a Sunday morning after the first service, while trying to find my way upstairs where the youth Sunday school was held, as  I walked up with my face down to ensure I didn’t miss my step, I saw a figure standing before me. Lo! It was Pastor. The next five minutes, he engaged me in a conversation, trying to familiarize with me. The subsequent weeks, he would call me whenever he saw me in church and try to know how I was doing. This left me wondering if he really was the General overseer, considering the fact that I was very much new in Church. My curiosity was stirred because my Idea of a general overseer was far different from what Pastor had modeled as a leader. I asked other members of the church whom I was familiar with, to know whether their experience was the same. Their reply came in the affirmative. My orientation of leadership was completely altered for good by the several qualities Pastor had demonstrated.

Pastor Sylvanus Ukafia is a man of God I look up to as a mentor and an example of a selfless leader who put the people first. His simplicity & humility is one I had never known but learnt directly from my encounter with him.

Many times I wondered the kind of pastor I would have become if I hadn’t met with Pastor Sylvanus Ukafia.

Pastor Tony Obayagbona

Editorial Team

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