What have I learnt from Pastor Ukafia?


Just imagine how this big man of God will drive himself to your home, bringing his kids to come and play with yours. Calling you by your first name as though you were pals. Serves you his meal at his dinning table and sits there gisting with you. Let’s you ride in the car with him while he is driving and then stops along the way to buy the crew some snacks. Is it the invitation to join in for lunch at a buffet table with a host of other ministers for hubby’s birthday and there was I pinching myself. “Sarah, how did you get here? “Yet there he was chatting away, totally at ease as though in the company of his buddies.


Had the privilege of working with this great man on the Leadership Advancement Desk of the ministry he leads. There was this year we were to plan a trip for the all Pastors and their families (50 families if my memory serves me right). I did the planning, logistics and all. One day, as I was reporting on plans made, Pastor asked, “Can we charter a flight? Get the travel agents to call Arik.” What!!! I was speechless. That may not make much sense today as many preachers already do own private jets, but if you know where we were at the time you would probably appreciate my amazement.


Here am I pregnant, caring for a toddler and hubby who just had a surgery and feeling totally exhausted and overwhelmed with absolutely no help at home. We call Pastor to let him know that we’ll be discharged. Pastor! Always several steps ahead in thought and deed, asked if I had any help at home and when I said no he immediately told us that the guest room at his home will be made ready for us to stay until hubby is fully recovered. On arrival, we did not just have a bed; we have food, drinks, beverages, fruits and everything to keep a recuperating man and his pregnant wife and daughter comfortable. God bless his wife (Pastor Erikan for her loving heart). We had a good night rest. We were much more astonished when he informed us the next morning that they all will be traveling for a week and will see us on their return. We were to feel at home, as there was a domestic staff left behind to attend to all our needs. Wow!.

What did I learn from Pastor Ukafia?

 In a more dramatic term, I’ll say, “to lead like Jesus”.

Sarah Udoeyop

Sarah Udoheyop

Editorial Team

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